CASH Staff

The CASH team is headed up by a Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and made up of Nutritionists and Public Health Nutritionists registered with the Association for Nutrition. 

Graham MacGregor - Chairman and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Phone: 0207 882 6217 Mobile: 07946 405617 Email: 

Graham MacGregor is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive 
Medicine (Barts & The London) and Honorary Consultant Physician at St George's Hospital, London. 
Professor MacGregor set up CASH in 1996 and WASH in 2005 and is chairman for both. He is also 
chairman of Blood Pressure UK, sits on the board for the World Hypertension League 
and recently served as President of The British Hypertension Society.

Professor MacGregor's research work has focused on the mechanisms underlying the rise in blood 
pressure in hypertension, the importance of the renin-angiotensin system, and the influence of salt and 
potassium intake on health. Professor MacGregor has authored many scientific articles on various 
aspects of blood pressure and cardiovascular medicine.  

Katharine Jenner (RNutr) - Campaign Director
Phone: 0207 882 6018 Email:

Katharine studied for a BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter, initially following a career path in communications. Having obtained a MSc in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Southampton, Katharine has been working on, and is now responsible for the running of, the salt reduction campaigns at CASH and WASH since 2007. 

Katharine is also a visiting lecturer on nutrition at several UK Universities and delivers healthy eating sessions for people living with HIV. Katharine is also Chair of the Campaign for Better Hospital Food, and Chief Executive of our sister charity, Blood Pressure UK

Sonia Pombo - Campaign Manager
Phone: 0207 882 6229 Email:

Sonia studied for a BSc in Molecular Medicine at the University of Sussex before completing a Masters in Nutrition at Kings College London. Since graduating, Sonia has worked for Leatherhead Food Research as a Senior Nutritionist within the Nutrition Research Department, assessing the health benefits of food products through intervention studies, and providing nutritional advice to the food industry. Sonia is now responsible for managing salt reduction campaigns at CASH, including annual Salt Awareness Week, and the award winning health app FoodSwitch.


Sarah Alderton (ANutr) - Nutritionist
Phone: 0207 882 5941 Email:

Sarah studied for a BSc in Nutrition at the University of Surrey. Since graduating, Sarah has worked at the British Nutrition Foundation as an Assistant Nutrition Scientist, helping to develop online training courses, carrying out recipe analysis and writing blogs on child nutrition. Sarah now works on the health app FoodSwitch and the corresponding social media, and assists with other salt reduction work within the team.


Mhairi Brown (ANutr) - Assistant Nutritionist
Phone: 0207 882 5941 Email:

Mhairi studied for a BSc in Chemistry with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh before completing a Masters in International Public Health Nutrition at the University of Westminster. Since graduating, Mhairi has worked at the Association for Nutrition as a Registration Officer. Mhairi now assists with salt reduction work within the team, as well as assisting with World Action on Salt and Health activities.