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Since being set up in 1996, as a response to the refusal of the Chief Medical Officer to endorse the COMA recommendations to reduce salt intake, Action on Salt has gone from strength to strength. With regular national press coverage, great support from other health charities and a successful annual Salt Awareness Week our message is finally slowly being taken on by the food industry and other health specialists.

Key Achievements to date…

  • Convincing the Department of Health, who had previously ignored the importance of salt reduction, to commit to the reduction in the UK
  • Encouraging the Food Standards Agency to pick up salt as one of their key campaigns
  • Setting up a World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) group in 2005 which now has more than 600 members across 100 countries 
  • Campaigning for the introduction of voluntary salt targets which have now been put into place by the FSA for 2010 and 2012.
  • Achieving a 10% reduction in the UK salt intake, saving an estimated 6000 lives each year
  • Regular and widespread media coverage in print, TV, radio and online – click here for more information
  • Good evidence of industry progress with salt reduction and meeting the FSA targets
  • Receipt of more than £6 million in funding to develop and implement salt reduction programmes worldwide

Awards & Grants

2018 Queen Mary University of London Media Relations Awards - Best Published Research Campaign

Action on Salt and Action on Sugar were honored to receive an award from Queen Mary University of London in recognition of our media campaign on the results of our investigation into the salt and sugar content of breakfast cereals in the UK

2012 British Heart Foundation Grant
This generous grant from the British Heart Foundation allowed Action on Salt to fund work on the salt of out of home food, an increasing area of concern now that the retailers and big manufacturers are progressing with salt reduction.

2010 Big Lottery Fund
Action on Salt was thankful to receive a Big Lottery Fund grant which allowed us to design and print a new leaflet called ‘salt and your health’ which aimed to highlight the many health conditions which can be caused by or worsened by a high salt diet.

2003 Caroline Walker Award
In 2003 Action on Salt was honoured with a Caroline Walker Award in recognition of the success of the long public health approach to salt in food and advocating that changes can best be achieved at the processing stage rather than at the table.

In recognition of the huge success of Action on Salt in bringing down the salt intake of the UK population, Action on Salt was honoured with silver at the Chief Medical Officers Public Health Awards in 2009.

Action on Salt has waged a successful public health campaign to make the food industry in the United Kingdom reduce the amount of salt it adds to our foods. In the United Kingdom, average salt intake has already fallen by 1 gm a day, preventing approximately 12,000 strokes and heart attacks per year (6,000 of which would have been fatal). As salt intake continues to fall – as more salt is taken out of food – even greater benefits will be seen, with many thousands more lives saved.

Sir Liam Donaldson announced that out of 147 initial entries, the following organisations had achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze awards out of a final shortlist of seven: Fresh – Smoke Free North East;Action on Salt; and Sustrans.

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