Press releases

Call for Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Manufacturers to Set Global Sugar Reduction Targets to Help Halt Worldwide Obesity Epidemic Set to Reach 1.12 billion by 2030 (1st Oct)

Sugar - Cameron Must Act Now (16th July)

Parents Being Misled into Buying So Called ‘Fruit Snacks’ Not Permitted in Schools (28th May)

Tesco First to Take Action on Sugar (22nd May)

WHO calls for immediate action on sugar (4th Mar)

Energy drinks fuel the obesity epidemic (26th Feb)

Cereals still stuffed with sugar (28th Jan)

Squeezing the Truth out of Hidden Sugars in Children's Juices (11th Nov)

Action on Sugar 2015 Manifesto (14th Oct)

ACTION STATIONS: Leading British nutrition scientists acknowledge NOW is time to take action on sugar (26th June)

Time for Action. Childhood Obesity Plan as requested by Jeremy Hunt MP (22nd June)

New Analysis of the Relationship Between Dental Decay & Sugar Recommends a Reduction in Added Sugar Intake to Less than 4 Teaspoons per Day (18th June)

A Thirst for Sugar? New Research Exposes Shockingly High Sugar Content in Fizzy Drinks & Calls for Immediate Action (12 June)

Action on Sugar comment: New Health Bill in California for Sugary Drinks to be Labelled with Health Warnings (28th May)

Action on Sugar comment: Ten Minute Rule Motion on Food Labelling for Sugar Content (15th May)

Comment: Chief Medical Officer publishes annual report on state of the public’s health (27th March)

Time for UK to Lead the World in Sugar Reduction to Prevent Obesity (14th March)

World Health Organisation Calls for Action on Sugar (5th March)

Are top government nutrition advisers ‘Addicted to Sugar’? (21st Jan) 

Worldwide Experts Unite to Reverse Obesity Epidemic by Forming 'Action on Sugar' (9th Jan)