Action on Sugar comment: Ten Minute Rule Motion on Food Labelling for Sugar Content

Action on Sugar very much welcomes the Ten Minute Rule Motion on Food Labelling for Sugar Content, being favoured by Keith Vaz MP on 14 May 2014 in the House of Commons.

“The current nutritional labelling on sugar is in need of emergency surgery. Not only is it confusing for consumers but actually encourages excess consumption of added sugar”, says Cardiologist and Science Director of Action on Sugar, Dr Aseem Malhotra.

Campaign Director for CASH and Action on Sugar, Katharine Jenner adds, “The huge amount of sugar added to food and drinks gives us calories with no nutritional value. Setting limits for the amount of sugar in foods combined with clearer traffic light labelling is a great and practical idea to tackle obesity. The government must stop acting in the best interests of the food and drink industry rather than individuals, and take action on sugar now."