Action on Sugar 2015 Manifesto

The Action on Sugar manifesto 2015 launched today has been created with input from our advisers and demonstrates real areas of concern in our food and drink environment. The manifesto sets out eight practical recommendations to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes.


1.            Implement sugar reduction targets for food and drinks – 40% by 2020
2.            Cease advertising and promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks to children and adolescents
3.            Cease partnerships that imply increasing physical activity alone will prevent obesity
4.            Reduce saturated fat
5.            Limit the availability of unhealthy foods and drinks
6.            Introduce a sugary drinks duty
7.            Implement voluntary national colour coded front of pack labelling
8.            Return responsibility for nutrition to an independent agency with statutory powers

“If the above eight actions are implemented, this will prevent both children and adults becoming obese and would be a fantastic opportunity for the UK to lead the world again in public health” says Professor Graham MacGregor, Chairman of Action on Sugar.