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Metro - 'Smoothies have more sugar than Coca-Cola' page 6
The Times -  'Fruit juices are too sugary to be included in five-a-day' page 7
The Daily Telegraph - 'The children's fruit juices that are sweeter than Coco-Cola' page 10 
The Guardian - 'Supermarket smoothies are sugar loaded' page 13
Daily Mail - 'The fruit smoothies for children with more sugar than Coca-Cola' page 19 
Daily Mirror - 'Warning on sugar in lunchbox juices' page 22


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BBC: Call to banish fruit juice from recommended five a day
ITV: Over a quarter of fruit juices 'more sugary than Coca-Cola'
ITV Good Morning Britain: Some fruit juices 'have more sugar than Coca-Cola'
City AM: Is fruit juice bad for you? Forget the breakfast OJ – many juices contain so much sugar they are a health hazard
The Guardian: Some children’s juice drinks have more sugar than Coke
The Independent: 'Healthy' fruit juices have dangerous levels of sugar, study shows
Mail Online: The fruit smoothies for children with more sugar than Coca-Cola: drinks sold as healthy can contain up to 60% more 
Metro: So which smoothies have more sugar than Coca-Cola?
Mirror: Quarter of 'healthy' fruit juices and smoothies have MORE sugar than Coca-Cola
Press Association: Many juices 'more sugary than Coke'
The Times: Fruit juices ‘too sugary’ for our five a day 
The Telegraph: Fruit drinks aimed at children contain more sugar than Coca-Cola
The Telegraph: How sugary are your children's fruit juices?
Boots Web MD: Fruit juices 'should be banned from 5 a day list' study finds many juices 'more sugary than coke'
Cosmopolitan: So, does fruit juice count as one of your 5-a-day?  Hidden sugar content of children's fruit juices revealed
Female First: 'Healthy' juices have more sugar than coke ‘Healthy’ children’s juices and smoothies slammed for high sugar content
The Grocer: Action on Sugar claims a quarter of kid’s juice drinks have as much sugar as Coca-Cola
Huffpost Lifestyle: A Quarter Of Fruit Juices Contain More Sugar Than Fizzy Drinks Such As Coca Cola, study Finds
International Business Times: Campaigners Call for Fruit Juice Ban from Healthy Food List Over 'More Sugar than Coke'
NetDoctor: How healthy is fruit juice?
OnMedica: Ban fruit juice to cut down on kids’ daily sugar intake, parents advised
The Times of India: Juices aimed at children in UK contain more sugar than Coca-Cola