Sugar in the News 2014

A sugary drinks duty would save London £39m in healthcare costs (16th December)

Call to banish fruit juice from recommended five a day (11th November) 

Over a quarter of fruit juices 'more sugary than Coca-Cola' (11th November) 

Some fruit juices 'have more sugar than Coca-Cola' (11th November) 

Is fruit juice bad for you? Forget the breakfast OJ – many juices contain so much sugar they are a health hazard (11th November) 

Some children’s juice drinks have more sugar than Coke (11th November) 

'Healthy' fruit juices have dangerous levels of sugar, study shows (11th November) 

The fruit smoothies for children with more sugar than Coca-Cola: drinks sold as healthy can contain up to 60% more  (11th November) 

So which smoothies have more sugar than Coca-Cola? (11th November) 

Quarter of 'healthy' fruit juices and smoothies have MORE sugar than Coca-Cola (11th November) 

Many juices 'more sugary than Coke' (11th November) 

Fruit juices ‘too sugary’ for our five a day (11th November) 

Fruit drinks aimed at children contain more sugar than Coca-Cola (11th November) 

How sugary are your children's fruit juices? (11th November) 

Fruit juices 'should be banned from 5 a day list' (11th November) 

study finds many juices 'more sugary than coke' (11th November) 

So, does fruit juice count as one of your 5-a-day?  (11th November) 

Hidden sugar content of children's fruit juices revealed (11th November) 

'Healthy' juices have more sugar than coke (11th November) 

‘Healthy’ children’s juices and smoothies slammed for high sugar content (11th November) 

Action on Sugar claims a quarter of kid’s juice drinks have as much sugar as Coca-Cola (11th November) 

A Quarter Of Fruit Juices Contain More Sugar Than Fizzy Drinks Such As Coca Cola, study Finds (11th November) 

Campaigners Call for Fruit Juice Ban from Healthy Food List Over 'More Sugar than Coke' (11th November) 

How healthy is fruit juice? (11th November) 

Ban fruit juice to cut down on kids’ daily sugar intake, parents advised (11th November) 

Juices aimed at children in UK contain more sugar than Coca-Cola (11th November) 

Squeezing the Truth out of Hidden Sugars in Children's Juices (11th November)

Sugar Puffs rebranded in bid to revive sales (17th Oct)

Sugary drinks warning signs change habits of US teens (17th Oct)

Make Responsibility Deal law, says new obesity report (13th Oct)

New PHE survey finds 12% of 3 year olds have tooth decay (30th Sept)

Tooth decay affects 12% of three-year-olds, says survey (30th Sept)

If I were king for a day, I would ban Coca-Cola (26th Sept)

Soda fight’s last stand (24th Sept)

Sugar intake must be slashed further (16th Sept)

Slash sugar intake further say experts (16th Sept)

Sugar intake must be slashed further, say scientists (16th Sept)


Sugar, not salt, causes high blood pressure (15th Sept)

Sugar could be worse for your blood pressure than salt, shock new research reveals (15th Sept)

Heinz tackles the 'sauce' of UK's obesity problem (31st Aug)

Aldi bans sweets from checkout displays leaving just M&S refusing to join the drive towards healthier snacks (27th Aug)

Soft drinks falling flat? 25% of Brits drinking less than they were six months ago (30th July)

Mintel: Carbonated Soft Drinks (30th July) 

Rotten teeth put 26,000 children in hospital (13th July)

EU plans too sweet for health activists (6th July)

The death of kingsize? UK confectioners agree 250 calorie cap (27th June)

British health chiefs considering halving recommended daily intake of sugar (26th June)

Call to halve target for added sugar (26th June)

Cut sugar to just 5 teaspoons each day: Tough new guidelines... but no help to meet them (26th June)

End this sugar rush – it's the only way to tackle the obesity crisis (26th June)

Sugar guideline 'should be halved' (26th June)

Sugar targets 'counter-productive' in obesity battle (26th June)

Sugar blamed for UK obesity epidemic: is it really that bad? (26th June) 

Sugar guideline 'should be halved' (26th June)

Tax sugar to curb rates of childhood obesity (26th June)

Call to cut sugar in fizzy drinks after ‘shocking’ survey results (12th June)

Calls for Govt to set sugar reduction targets on fizzy drinks (12th June)

Calls to cut sugar in fizzy drinks (12th June)

Campaigners demand that a 'limit is set on sugar in fizzy drinks’ (12th June)

How much sugar is in your fizzy drink? (12th June) 

‘Middle-class’ fizzy drinks contain most sugar (12th June)

Research finds 'shockingly high and unnecessary' sugar levels in fizzy drinks (12th June)

Sugar reduction targets like 'cutting down on salt' (12th June)

Traditional fizzy drinks 'contain more sugar than Coca-Cola' (12th June)

Two-thirds of ginger beer contains more sugar that Coca-Cola, research warns (12th June)

'Upmarket' fizzy drinks with more sugar than Coke and Pepsi: Brands of ginger beer and cloudy lemonade have up to four teaspoons more than big brand cola (12th June)

Upmarket fizzy drinks contain more sugar than Coca-Cola (12th June)

Call for fizzy drinks sugar tax in fight to stem obesity (8th June)

Special report: The truth behind the 'sugar-free' con (8th June)

Department of Health weighs up sugary drinks 'tax' in new talks with industry (6th June)

How Sugar Went From a Condiment to a Diet Staple (3rd June)

Responsibility Deal annual updates 2013/14 published today (30th May)

Weightwatchers foods higher in calories than standard ones (30th May)

'Put health warnings on sugary drinks': Experts say soft drinks should be treated like cigarettes (28th May)

Call to put warnings on fizzy drinks (28th May)

Fizzy drinks ‘should have a big health warning like cigarettes’, warns expert (28th May)

Supermarket ready meals contain up to TEN TEASPOONS of sugar - Sainsbury's worst offender with more than half a day's allowance in just one sweet and sour chicken dinner (18th May)

Do you know how much sugar you're eating? (18th May)

Sugar has a direct effect on heart disease risk and blood pressure: Meta-analysis (16th May) 

MP Keith Vaz calls for clear labels to show a food's sugar content (15th May)

Fruit juice and cereals push children over sugar limits (15th May)

New National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows UK population is eating too much sugar, saturated fat and salt (14th May)

Poll shows most want sugary drinks banned from UK schools (5th May)

Impact of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Blood Pressure (25th April)

How much sugar is in your 'healthy' cereal bar? (12th April)

What happened when one family went on a sugar-free diet for one year (11th April)

Fruit juices and smoothies contain 'horrifying' sugar levels (6th April)

Low-fat foods contain 20% MORE sugar than their full fat equivalents (6th April)

Fruit juice the target in Waitrose war on sugar (5th April)

Waitrose juice shake-up is a sign of the times (5th April)

Family TV programmes saturated with junk food ads (21st March)

Big Food is in wilful denial about the harm sugar does to our children (16th March)

Call for sugar reduction (14th March)

Action on Sugar sketches sugar reduction plans (14th March)

Life without sugar: one family's 30-day challenge (14th March)

Storm brewing over WHO sugar proposal (13th March)

Healthy cynicism: campaigners give up on government food group (13th March)

Sugar tax will break the cycle of obesity and diabetes (12th March)

Sugar tsar says Britain to snub UN guidelines (9th March)

Dani Garavelli: Is sugar public enemy No 1? (9th March)

We must wind back the harms of too much sugar (7th March)

Low fat foods stuffed with 'harmful’ levels of sugar (7th March)

A lethally sweet relationship: An excoriating attack by a cardiologist on the cosy links between politicians and the food giants, whose refusal to cut sugar levels is causing countless deaths (7th March)

New sugar limits: 26 'mini health time bombs' (6th March)

Messages about reducing sugar intake unclear, say campaigners (6th March)

Is sugar the new evil? Arguments for and against the grain (6th March)

WHO recommends halving sugar intake advice (6th March)

Sugar rush: The Government needs to do more to encourage people to cut sugar from their diet (5th March)

Consumption of Less Than 10% of Total Energy From Added Sugars is Associated With Increasing HDL in Females During Adolescence (26th Feb 2014)


Sugar intake linked to heart disease deaths (4th Feb 2014)

Are top government nutrition advisers ‘Addicted to Sugar’? (21st Jan 2014)


Sugar limits should be halved to protect teeth: Study (12th Dec 2013)

Cut sugar intake to 5 teaspoons a day, scientists urge (10th Dec 2013)

Call for action on cutting sugar (10th Dec 2013)

Tesco blasts 'weak' soft drinks suppliers as it unveils 10 point plan (9th Nov 2013) 

'Overeating' infant formula linked to higher risk of obesity, suggest study (4th Sept 2013)

How sugar is killing us....and we are not told the risks (22nd May 2013)

The dietary advice on added sugar needs emergency surgery (21st May 2013)

Any defence of sugar is pure confection (24th Jan 2013)

We must demonise junk food for the sake of our children (4th April 2012)

We can beat child obesity epidemic - but we must beat 'Big Food' first (11th March 2012)