Sugar in the News 2015

Cereal Killers: The stealth sugars lurking in breakfast drinks (9th Nov)

Coca-Cola Christmas truck 'not welcome' in Leicester, says Keith Vaz (4th Nov)

Public Health England release report which will inform the government's childhood obesity strategy - Sugar reduction: from evidence into action (22nd Oct)

Action on Sugar Chairman gives evidence at the Health Committee's Childhood Obesity Inquiry (13th Oct)

Jeremy Hunt embroiled in row over sugar tax report (12th Oct)

Brighton and Hove launch Sugar Smart City initiative, including sugary drinks levy on all soft drinks with added sugar (5th Oct)

Coke spends lavishly on Pediatricians and Dietitians (28th Sept)

Jamie Oliver taxes sugary drinks (3th Sept)

Tesco to stop selling lunchbox-sized sugary Ribena and Capri-Sun (28th July)

Tesco to withdraw most popular sugary drinks (27th July)

Link between sugars-sweetened beverages and type 2 diabetes (21st July) 

Petition to cut sugar intake by half (20th July) 

The shocking sugar levels in so called health foods revealed (20th July)

BMA Report: Food for Thought (13th July) 

Anti-obesity drive will call for sugar consumption to halve (12th July)

Fizzy drinks lethal toll (30th June)

Campaign to prevent hospital kitchen closure (18th June) 

New paper: Does Sugar Pass the Environmental and Social Test? (24th June)

Sugary Drink Excise Tax Developed in Barbados (24th June)

New Survey Reveals Shocking Levels of Salt & Sugar Found in Popcorn (18th June)

Mexican tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (16th June)

Postnote 493 - Sugar and Health (May)

Obesity to overtake smoking as main cancer killer (30th May)

How your 'healthy' flavoured water contains more sugar than cola (31st Mar)

Revealed: What consumers really think about soft drinks (27th Mar)

The truth about cereal bars (15th Mar)

The next government  could save the NHS £300 million by introducing a sugary drinks duty (12th Mar)

Action on Sugar slams WHO sugar report (5th Mar)

FSA Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker results out! (18th Feb)

Cereal offenders: why do sugar levels keep rising in our breakfast choices? (17th Feb)

New campaign takes the fight to sugary drinks companies (16th Feb)

Supermarket price promotions encourage unhealthy eating, Cambridge study finds (11th Feb)

Salt and sugar: their effects on blood pressure (3rd Feb)

These are the most sugar-packed cereals aimed at your children (28th Jan)

Cereal sugar levels up on 2012 (28th Jan)

Not so sweet: 'Surprising' sugar spike in UK breakfast cereals, mostly in own label (28th Jan)

Some breakfast cereals 'as sugary as seven chocolate fingers'  (28th Jan)

Breakfast cereals more sugary than in 2012  (28th Jan)

How much sugar is lurking in your cereal? Here are the top five worst offenders  (28th Jan)

Some breakfast cereals have more sugar than seven chocolate fingers, say charity researchers  (28th Jan)

These are the breakfast cereals that contain the most sugar  (28th Jan)

Breakfast cereal portions contain 'as much sugar as over seven chocolate fingers'  (28th Jan)

Responsibility Deal isn't working, say campaigners  (28th Jan)

These are the 10 most sugary breakfast cereals (and the 10 least)  (28th Jan)

Cereals 'more sugary than in 2012'  (28th Jan)

The kids' cereals with more sugar in one bowl that SEVEN chocolate fingers  (28th Jan)

Children’s cereals now have as much sugar as SEVEN chocolate fingers  (28th Jan)

Children's breakfast cereal has THREE SPOONFULS of sugar in every bowl  (28th Jan)

Many children's breakfast cereals contain as much sugar as seven chocolate fingers  (28th Jan)

Cereal killers 1 bowl of Choco Rice has same sugar as 13 Cadbury Fingers  (28th Jan)

Does your breakfast cereal contain more sugar than before?  (28th Jan)

The 10 most sugary breakfast cereals  (28th Jan)

You Won't Believe How Much Sugar Breakfast Cereals Still Contain  (28th Jan)

New Sugary Drinks Policy Launched by Experts at the British Dietetic Association (12th Jan)

Government backing of Asda sugar target 'sad day for public health' (12th Jan)

New Change4Life campaign encourages families to make sugar swaps (5th Jan)