Jamie Oliver taxes sugary drinks

Action on Sugar is supporting the work of Jamie Oliver – in calling for a sugar tax, and his ongoing work to promote better food education.

Commenting on the launch of his new TV show ‘Sugar Rush’, Professor Graham MacGregor, said: “The food and drink we consume on a daily basis is now the biggest cause of ill health through the copious amounts of sugar, fat and salt added by the food industry – not to mention the alarming impact it is having on the healthcare service and the economy.

Parents and children are currently drowning in a world full of sugary drinks, cheap junk food and aggressive marketing tactics.

"We need a strong Government that is willing to stand up and protect our children, our health and our NHS. The Government must stop the food industry from running the show and listen to the increasingly loud calls for action.

"We strongly support Jamie Oliver’s firm stance on introducing a duty on sugary drinks, banning junk food advertisement on TV, protecting children from digital marketing and making colour-coded front of pack labelling mandatory – whilst applauding his solid determination to take action."

To support Jamie Oliver’s campaign on sugary drinks, click here.

For Jamie’s 5 point manifesto, click here.