Survey reveals shocking levels of salt in your BBQ

  • A ‘typical BBQ meal’ could contain up to 12g salt;  more than double your maximum daily recommendation of 6g
  • A single burger from Tesco contains 2g of salt, one third of your daily recommendation
  • Secret salt is hidden in popular accompaniments to a BBQ including dips, prepared salads, cheese slices and bread rolls
  • Inconsistent portion size sizes and front of pack labelling make it very difficult to compare products

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With summer and The World Cup upon us, we are lighting up our BBQs to celebrate. However, CASH has found that a ‘typical BBQ meal’ containing a sausage in a roll with mustard, a burger in a bun with cheese and BBQ sauce, a piece of marinated meat, a helping of coleslaw and potato salad with some plain crisps and dip could contain more than 12g of salt; DOUBLE your maximum daily salt recommendation.

Many of you will know that processed meat and crisps contain high levels of salt, but did you know that sauces, prepared salad, bread rolls and cheese singles can also contain high levels of salt? Surprisingly, bought dips can contain as much salt as the crisps you have with it, and cheese singles are often weight for weight saltier than the sea.

Although most of the products in this survey were labelled with nutritional information, the portion sizes varied a lot between brands so you may actually be eating even more salt than you think!  For example sometimes a portion was 1 chipolata and other times it was 2 jumbo sausages, a portion of crisps ranged from one to two handfuls, and dips ranged from as little as 1 to as much as 4 tablespoons per portion.

What can you do?

This survey emphasises just how important it is to check labels and choose carefully when shopping. By choosing the lowest salt options rather than the highest you could save a huge 9.5g of salt. Guessing simply isn’t an option!

Also, by making simple changes, such as swapping to homemade dips, salads and burgers, or using sliced cheddar cheese, you can significantly reduce your salt intake.

TABLE: Simple swaps to reduce your salt intake (highest and lowest meal)

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