Survey reveals shocking levels of salt in your curry night

29th April 2010

  • Secret salt is hidden in popular accompaniments to a curry including side dishes, naan bread, poppadums, chutneys/pickles and rice
  • Whilst ready meals can be very high in salt; you can more than DOUBLE your salt intake with extras such as chutney and Naan bread

We all love a curry night, whether it’s with our friends or family, and curries are frequently shown to be the UK’s favourite dish. However, this survey of Indian and South Asian products available in UK supermarkets shows that extremely high levels of salt can be found, not just in the ready meals and sauces, but in the chutneys, side dishes, naan breads and poppadoms which we eat as well.

Many of the surveyed ready meals contain extremely high levels of salt. However, the survey also found that one naan bread could contain over HALF your daily salt maximum, and the poppadoms you choose could contain more salt than two packets of crisps. Many of the pickles and chutneys sampled were, weight for weight, saltier than Atlantic seawater. By swapping salt laden pickles (or limiting the amount that you have) for less salty accompaniments such as Raita or Mango Chutney you could significantly reduce your salt intake. 

Our advice to you is to check the labels before you purchase products, as items which appear to be similar can actually be very different in salt content.  Cooking your own curry at home can reduce the salt content of your meal, as well as being fun – you can always buy low salt naan and poppadoms to go at the side!

Simple swaps to reduce your salt intake

Higher Example
Salt/ portionLower ExampleSalt/ portiongrams of salt saved
Kan Pur Garden Chicken Korma with Pilau rice4.50gSainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice0.91g3.59g
Waitrose Half Fat Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce2.49gThe Cooperative Healthy Living Rogan Josh Cook in Sauce0.5g1.99g
Marks & Spencer Garlic & Coriander Naan3.2g (per naan)Weight Watchers 4 Mini Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads0.2g (per mini naan)3.0g
Tesco Basmati Rice (fresh)1.4g/270g portionUncle Bens Microwaveable Basmati Rice0.25g/125g portion1.15g
Pataks Plain Mini Poppadoms1.1g/25g portionASDA 8 Plain Poppadoms0.2g per poppadoms0.9g
Priya Lime Pickle5.8gTesco Spicy Lime Pickle1.1g4.7g
Priya Mango Pickle4.75gThe Cooperative Mango Chutney0.2g4.75g



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