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Simple ideas to reduce your salt intake in your very own kitchen!

Making your own curries at home can be simple and should mean that your curry night is lower in salt. Why don’t you try cooking with your friends, or all bringing a dish to share to make the evening even more fun!

Top tips when cooking South Asian Food

  • Do not add salt when cooking, either to the curry or to the rice
  • Avoid ready-made seasonings and spice mixes as these can contain added salt, and instead use individual spices.
  • Curry pastes can be high in salt so use sparingly
  • Add extra spice or cumin to enhance the flavour rather than adding salt
  • Sprinkle coriander or cumin into your basmati rice to add extra flavour
  • Check the labels of any accompaniments that you buy such as poppadoms, naan bread and chutneys to ensure you chose lower salt versions.

We’ve developed a couple of simple, tasty low salt recipes for curries which can be easily adapted to make your favourite.

Beef Curry
Chicken Jalfrezi
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Biryani
Root Vegetable Curry
Peas and Corn Pilau Rice
Mango Chutney

For more recipe ideas please visit the Food Standards Agency website or the British Heart Foundation website.

We would like to thank both the British Heart Foundation and Food Standards Agency for allowing us to use and adapt their recipes.