Comment from Dr Emma Mast, Project Coordinator for Consensus Action on Salt and Health, on FSA Signpost labelling

16th November 2005

“Our research has shown that current salt labelling is chaotic and confusing*, so we strongly support the FSA’s proposed ‘traffic light’ labelling.  This approach is a major step forward towards a clearer and simpler labelling system that will allow people to make informed choices ‘at a glance’ when looking at the front of the pack.  

“For the model to succeed, however, consistency is key.  All retailers and manufacturers will need to use the same parameters when indicating whether their products are ‘high’, ‘medium’ or ‘low’ in salt, fat, saturated fat, and sugar, so that people can make truly informed choices between products.  We also want to see full nutritional information on the pack, so that people can tell how much of their 6g of salt per day limit a particular food will provide.

“This is a unique labelling initiative and if this model is successful the UK will be leading the world.  We hope that EU legislation will follow this example.”