CASH Comment on Pot Noodle Salt Reduction

9th May

“CASH are pleased to see that Unilever have reduced the salt content of Pot Noodles by, on average, 28% in addition to launching a reduced sodium version of the chicken and mushroom variety. This is a big step forward in reformulation for snack products that rely heavily on salt to provide taste. Once again it illustrates that if Pot Noodle can do it so can all other manufacturers of snack and savoury products.

We also commend the addition of salt to the product labelling making it easier for consumers to understand the impact on their diet and urge other snack producers to also provide this information.

We would still not recommend these products to adults and particularly not to children as the Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle provides 53% of an adult’s maximum daily intake and 63% of 7-10 year olds. Worryingly this variety provides 5% more salt than the maximum daily intake for 4-6 year olds and a staggering 58% more salt than the maximum daily intake for a 3 year old. Adults consuming Pot Noodles need to be aware that on average the standard sized product contributes 42% of the daily maximum recommended intake and the king size 53%. This contribution is much higher for children.

We look forward to seeing further reductions across the range alongside the launch of additional reduced sodium versions says Jo Butten, nutritionist for CASH. On average a Pot Noodle contributes 20% of an adults’ daily intake of calories and 43% of an adults’ daily salt intake. Therefore, further salt reductions of 50% on average are needed in order to meet the FSA target of 6g of salt a day in adults by 2010. Lowering salt intake to 6g a day will save 35,000 lives a year from heart attacks and strokes.”