Cost effective salt reduction

2nd November 2010

CASH Comments on a new paper published today which highlights mandatory salt reduction as the most cost effective method of salt reduction.

“Over three-quarters of the salt in our diet is hidden in everyday processed foods eaten both inside and outside of the home. Interventions such as the ‘Tick’ label and educational work are useful for a small number of consumers who would understand the health benefits of reducing their salt intake; however they will have a limited effect on the majority of the population who would also benefit from reducing their salt intake.

In the UK, CASH and the Food Standards Agency have pioneered an approach whereby all manufacturers across all food sectors gradually reduce the amount of salt they put in their food, so consumers do not have to consciously choose low salt products.  This cost-effective approach has been very successful and has already led to population average salt intakes falling by 10%.  We would highly recommend that such an approach is adopted in Australia and internationally if we are to save the maximum number of lives.  ”


Media Coverage

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