Survey shows many hospital meals are unhealthier than a Big Mac

20th May 2012

- Bad food puts patient’s recovery and future health at risk

New research by the Campaign for Better Hospital Food revealed that many hospital meals contain more salt than food served by fast food chains, with some dishes containing more salt than the maximum recommendations for an entire day. The research comes as the campaign calls for compulsory standards to be introduced in hospitals. 

The research, based on the analysis of twenty five hospital meals which are served to patients in England, found that fifteen of the twenty five meals (60%) contains more salt than a Big Mac, with one of the analysed pasta dishes containing more than the daily maximum recommendation for salt.

Katharine Jenner, CASH Campaign Director and Chair of the Campaign for Better Hospital Food said: "Too much salt and saturated fat in our diet is linked to heart disease and stroke, the biggest causes of death and disability in the UK. Hospitals should be setting a good example and be providing meals which are tasty, healthy and nutritious, rather than meals which could contribute to further health problems."

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food is calling on the MPs to take forward the Transforming Hospital Food Bill which would set compulsory health, environmental and ethical standards for all hospital food served in England. Members of the public can ask the MPs drawn in the ballot to support the Bill by going to

Alex Jackson, Co-ordinator of the Campaign for Better Hospital Food, said: “It’s staggering to think that sick patients could be better off eating in McDonald’s than in hospital. Without standards for hospital food, many hospital meals will remain unhealthy and unappetising to eat. We’re asking people to go to our website today to support the campaign for hospital food standards.”  


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