Which? Consumer report finds Responsibility Deal is not working

A recent Which? Report assessing food companies’ progress in meeting targets set by the Responsibility Deal has found that while there are some companies leading by example and demonstrating good practice, a lot more can be done by the government and food industry to make healthy eating easier.

Small changes and reformulations in products have resulted in reduced salt levels in the nations’ diet, as proven in the Department of Health 2011 survey. Differences in progress are visible across manufacturers, with some companies moving faster than others in achieving 2012 salt reduction targets. Mars, Heinz and PepsiCo are applauded in the report for making the most progress towards targets relevant to their products, meeting 70-86% of 2012 salt targets, whilst other companies have made the least progress, e.g.  United Biscuits, who have failed to meet any of the 2012 targets in any of the relevant categories and Iceland who have not signed up to the salt pledge at all.
More action is needed from the government to apply pressure on poorer performing companies and ensure that 2012 salt reduction targets are met.

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