Cheshire Community Development Trust Launches the 'Salt Shaker Initiative' in Local Fish & Chip Shops

Cheshire Community Development Trust have launched a new initiative to try and improve the nations health, and make fish and chips healthier. The trust are handing out salt shakers with fewer holes to fish and chips across Cheshire, Tyneside and Norfolk.

If successful, health officials hope to roll the scheme out across the country. 

Sonia Pombo, CASH nutritionist says "This is an important initiative which we strongly support, as it will help reduce the amount of salt we add to our food. Small reductions go a long way to reducing our blood pressure, so it is important that we all make an effort to reduce our salt intake where possible. This just shows how simple it can be to lower your salt whilst still enjoying your fish and chips. We hope other takeaways across the UK will also play their part."


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