FSA Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker results out!

Results from the FSA biannual public attitudes tracker survey is out, and finds salt intake is still a public concern!

The Food Standards Agengy (FSA) conducts a tracking survey with consumers twice a year in order to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards food-related issues.

The latest report, carried out in November 2014 show that spontaneous concerns about fat, sugar and salt, remain high. The most frequently reported issues of spontaneous concern were food prices (14%), the amount of sugar in food (12%), the amount of salt in food and the amount of fat in food (10% each).

This highlights the continued importance of salt reduction. It is clear that more needs to be done by the food industry to get salt levels down in the UK. With average intakes now 15% less than they were since 2001, the UK is clearly leading the way in salt reduction and will hopefully continue to do so, providing more companies sign up to the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal

See the full report here