FSA Summer Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker

The amount of salt in food remains within the top three health concerns for the public, according to the latest report by the Food Standards Agency (FSA Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker)

The Food Standards Agengy (FSA) conducts a tracking survey with consumers twice a year in order to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards food-related issues.

The latest report, carried out in May 2015 show overall findings to be fairly consistent with previous waves, with spontaneous concerns about fat, sugar and salt, remaining high.

This highlights the continued importance of food reformulation, with particular focus on salt and sugar reduction. It is clear that more needs to be done by the food industry to get salt levels down in the UK. Whilst we continue to increase awareness of the issues, public concerns are unlikely to change, and therefore more pressure must be added by government to encourage the food industry to reformulate and achieve the targets set out within the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal.

See the full report here