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Daily Mail - 'The Galaxy hot chocolate saltier than sea water', page 3

The Guardian - 'Bread is the only food meeting salt target, survey finds', page 7

The Telegraph - 'Hot chocolate has as much salt as seawater', page 2

The Times - 'Bread rolls are the only food on target for cutting salt', page 20

The Metro - Metro Bites, page 9

The Daily Express - 'Killer salt still hiding in our foods', page 7


Food Manufacturer - Manufacturers 'fail to hit salt targets': CASH 

Huffington Post - Hot Chocolate Drink That's 'Saltier than Seawater' Called Out In Crackdown on Nation's Salt Intake

BBC News online - Hot chocolate serving 'has more salt than packet of crisps' 

Yahoo News - The hidden killer: How does salt affect your body?

New Food Magazine - Public Health England's (PHE) 2017 salt reduction targets unlikely to be met

Just-Food - Food makers "dragging their heels" on UK salt reduction targets - CASH - Health officials 'dithering' over salt levels

Food Navigator - Smartphone app FoodSwitch shows UK industry is lagging on salt targets

Mail Online - The hot chocolates that contain more salt than packet of CRISPS (as Galaxy comes under fire for drinks that are as salty as SEA WATER)

Mail Online - The salty truth about your kitchen staples - after it's revealed a Galaxy chocolate drink is worse for salt than sea water

The Telegraph - Drinking chocolate as salty as seawater, warn health campaigners

The Telegraph - Quiz: how salty are your favourite foods? You might be surprised by the answers

Care UK - The forgotten killer that is lurking in your kitchen cupboard

ITV - Salt levels in food so high some products 'saltier than seawater'

The Sun - Death By Chocolate: This hot chocolate has 'more salt than seawater' raising your risk of killer diseases, experts warn

The Sun - Assalted: You'll be shocked by how much SALT is actually in some of these surprising treats, after study reveals some hot chocolates contain more salt than seawater

The Guardian - Few foods on track to meet salt reduction targets, survey reveals

iNews - Galaxy's ultimate marshmallow hot chocolate found to have extreme levels of salt

Sky News - Hidden killer: Salt in food 'killing 14,000 people a year'

Banbury Guardian - Enough hidden salt in shopping baskets for 130 bags of ready salted

LSJ News - Research reveals hot chocolate has high salt content

Metro - Galaxy hot chocolate has been found to be 'saltier than seawater'

Vogue - Salt solution: Are you having too much salt?


Food NDTV - Your Hot Chocolate Might Be As Salty As Seawater!

Normangeestar - Salt survey reveals which foods are failing to meet reduction targets

The Economic Times - Love drinking chocolate? It has more salt than 'a bag of crisps'

News Nation - Hot chocolate may contain more salt than a bag of crisps

Hindustan Times - A cup of hot chocolate has just as much salt as a bag of crisps 

IFL Science! - Loads of processed foods and drinks are way saltier than you think

The NEWS Minute - Love hot chocolate? Each cup could have 16 times the recommended salt intake

Radio Pakistan - Hot chocolate serving 'has more salt than packet of crisps'

Science World Report - Chocolate milk contains more salt than seawater, study suggests

Daily Times - Hot chocolate as salty as seawater