Cereal Partners Worldwide to adopt colour-coded labelling on Nestle and General Mills breakfast Cereals in the UK

Cereal Partners Worldwide have today announced that they will adopt colour-coded front of pack nutrition labelling on all Nestlé and General Mills breakfast cereals in the UK, including Cheerios and Shreddies .

This is a great result for UK customers; CASH, along with many other health charities, have been campaigning for nearly 15 years for a single colour coded front of pack label to be adopted across all food and drink products. As such, many of our surveys over the last 20 years or so have exposed food companies who deliberately deceive consumers by not applying a front of pack nutrition label with colour coding strongly, making it very difficult for consumers to make a healthy choice.

CASH wants to see salt intakes come down to below the recommended 6g a day, to reduce the number of people suffering from strokes, heart attacks or heart disease.  Until salt levels come down across the whole of the food industry, clear labelling is the only practical solution for people to take responsibility for their health.

Sonia Pombo, Campaign Manager for CASH, says "Helping people understand which foods are high in salt, as well as saturated fat and sugar, is a step in the right direction, and has the potential to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Cereal Partners Worldwide’s latest announcement will hopefully inspire some ‘healthy’ competition between food companies; to ensure their products are the healthiest in the market. We now expect all other food companies to comply. Any food manufacturer that fails to improve their labelling is acting irresponsibly and is putting the public’s health at risk.”

Sarah Alderton, Nutritionist at CASH adds “Our FoodSwitch UK app has been created to help consumers make healthier and more informed choices when shopping by showing traffic light colour labelling for all products, regardless of whether they have adopted the government front of pack colour coded scheme. FoodSwitch also recommends healthier product alternatives based on well researched criteria.  This is putting the power back in consumer hands, as so many manufacturers still hide behind confusing labels.”

To download Foodswitch, or for more information on FoodSwitch, click here.