Kellogg's to cut salt and sugar in cereals as it launches new Better Starts Plan

Today Kellogg's UK has launched its Better Starts Plan, to help people make healthier choices. It will be reducing the sugar content of three of its leading children's breakfast cereals and will stop making Ricicles from January 2018. Kellogg's Coco Pops will contain 40% less sugar (from 30g/100g to 17g/100g), meaning that the sugar content in Coco Pops will have halved, following the 14% reduction already made earlier this year. In addition, Kellogg's Rice Krispies will contain 20% less sugar and Rice Krispies Multi-Grain shapes 30% less sugar per serving. 

Alongside this, Kellogg's has also stated that it will continue with its salt reduction work. From the beginning of 2018, the salt in Rice Krispies will be reduced by a further 10% and in Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes by 50%.

Sarah Alderton, Assistant Nutritionist at CASH, says "We are pleased to see that, in addition to reducing sugar, Kellogg’s has committed to further salt reduction in some of its best-selling childrens’ cereals. Whilst this is promising news and shows that salt reduction is still a priority for manufacturers, we hope that this will be extended across the entire Kellogg’s breakfast cereal range to include those eaten by adults as well children."