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Have your say on the new Green Paper for disease prevention

8 October 2019

Please Ask the Department of Health for Better Salt Targets NOW

We have the opportunity to fight for stronger commitments from the Government when it comes to preventing unnecessary deaths and disability, and we need your help!

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have put together a Green Paper detailing how it plans to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But they are missing an opportunity to go so much further.

Salt reduction is cost-effective and benefits all health, and is failing under the current system.  Join us in asking for an effective salt reduction programme, which is independently monitored and evaluated, for targets (included for the out of home sector) to be reviewed and reset regularly and to communicate the health benefits to the public.

You can help!


Copy our template email below (or even better, use your own words) and click the link to send it directly to the consultation, by the 14th October 2019. 


To email The Department of Health and Social Care, please click the following link: I would like new, stronger, salt targets now!

Then copy and paste the following text: 

Dear Department of Health and Social Care

Salt reduction is cost-effective and benefits all health, and yet every year we haven’t hit the 6g target, 8,000 people are dying prematurely from high blood pressure related-diseases.

I would like to see new and robust salt targets set without further delay, which are independently monitored and evaluated, and call on the Department of Health to make this a priority for preventing unnecessary deaths and disability.

Yours sincerely

[your name]



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