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7th August 2014


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Belfast Telegraph - Concern over salt levels in cheese
Boots WebMD - Supermarket salty cheese concerns - And the cheese with the most salt is...
Daily Mail
- Saltier than sea water, the tasty foreign cheeses including halloumi and feta that we love sprinkling over salads 
Delhi Daily News - Branded blue cheese & halloumi 'saltier than seawater'
Food Navigator - Big brands must step up to salt challenge, says CASH
Herald Scotland - Warning cheeses sold in British supermarkets are needlessly loaded with salt
Herald Sun
- Concerns over salt levels in cheese
HuffPost Lifestyle - High salt levels in cheese may pose a risk to public health, study finds
Independent - Branded blue cheese and halloumi are 'saltier than seawater'
ITV - Big cheese brands 'need to stop dragging their feet'
ITV - Some cheese 'contains more salt than seawater'
Medical Daily - Cheese lovers beware: there's still lots of salt in that cheddar and halloumi, and it's dangerous to your health
NHS Choices - Salt content in cheese 'too high,' say campaigners
Sunshine Coast Daily - Is your favourite cheese 'saltier than seawater?'
The Guardian - Cheese too salty and a risk to public health, study finds
The Times - Supermarket cheese is laden with salt
The Telegraph - Halloumi and blue cheese saltier than seawater
Women's Health - The 5 saltiest cheeses (and 5-lower sodium cheeses you should eat instead) 
Yorkshire Post - Revealed: Which cheese contain most salt
Zenopa - Salt content of UK cheese 'still unhealthily high'