Pizza Media Coverage

17th December 2014

In print

Daily Telegraph - ‘Supermarkets’ top pizzas break daily salt allowance’, page 10
Metro - ‘Pizzas topped with the salt of 7 Big Macs’, page 11
Daily Mail – ‘Pizzas with an extra topping of salt’, page 19


The Telegraph: The 'premium' pizzas that contain a day's worth of salt
The Guardian: Pizzas ‘contain up to three times recommended daily limit of salt’
Mail Online: Pizzas with an extra topping of salt: 75% of those reviewed contained more than recommended daily allowance of six grams 
Metro: Step away from the stuffed crust: Some pizzas contain the equivalent amount of salt as seven Big Macs
Belfast Telegraph: Half of UK pizzas still too salty
Herald Scotland: Pizzas 'still have too much salt' 
Western Daily Press: Half of UK pizzas contain more salt than recommended daily
Yorkshire Post: Health concerns raised over the amount of salt in pizzas
NDTV Cooks: Pizzas contain three times the daily recommended limit of salt!
News Hub: Amount of salt in pizzas three times the daily recommended limit!
HelpMeOutDoc: Pizza in UK saltier than maximum content allowed
British Baker: Half of pizzas have more than recommended amount of salt
Grocer: CASH survey finds half of pizzas contain 6g of salt
Center for Science in the Public Interest: Pizza Hut pizzas have more salt in the U.S. than in other countries 
Huffpost Healthy Living: Pizza Hut's Pizza Is Saltier In America Than Anywhere Else In The World
Medical Daily: Pizza Hut's Meat Lovers Pizza Exceeds 5 Times Daily Recommended Sodium Intake: The World's Worst?
The Daily Meal: Some Pizzas Contain the Same Amount of Salt as 7 Big Macs
Inquisitir: Pizza Hut’s Meat Lovers Pie Has Five Times The Amount Of Sodium Recommended
Eater: Pizza Hut Slings Saltier Slices in the U.S.