Children's Meals - Media Coverage

Monday 16th March 2015

National Newspapers
Daily Mail: Restaurant children's meals with over a day's worth of salt, page 36
Daily Mirror: Salt addict child fears, page 12
The Daily Telegraph: Restaurant meals for children with more salt than McDonald's, page 9
'i': 'Dangerous' salt levels in family friendly restaurants, page 11
The Sun: Salt Shaker - 'Dangerous' levels in kids' restaurant meals, page 25
The Times: Salt in children's meals is double the daily allowance, page 10

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Big Hospitality: Loch Fyne, Burger King and Hungry Horse among restaurants creating 'a generation of salt addicts' Children's meals still have 'dangerously high' salt levels in family-friendly restaurants
Love Food: Restaurants criticised for salt content of children's meals
Marketing Magazine: CASH slams Burger King, Pizza Express and Nando's for high salt kids' meals
Mirror: Kids at risk of becoming salt ADDICTS due to 'dangerously high' levels in meals
Scotsman: Children’s meals ‘contain too much salt’
Telegraph: The 10 most salty children's meals in restaurants
The Times: Salt in children’s meals is double the daily allowance

Regional Online
​Cornish Guardian: Children's restaurant meals contain "dangerously high" levels of salt
Essex Chronicle: Children's meals at 'family friendly' eateries have dangerous salt levels say health watchdogs
Gloucester Citizen: Survey shows kid's meals at popular family restaurants have very high salt content
Halifax Evening Courier: Warning over ‘dangerously high’ salt levels on children’s menus
London Evening Standard: ‘Dangerously high levels of salt in children's meals is creating a generation of addicts’
Western Morning News: Children’s restaurant meals still contain 'dangerously high' levels of salt
Yorkshire Post: Warning over 'dangerously high' salt levels on children's menus