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UK Salt Reduction

The UK's salt reduction strategy has served as a model for many countries worldwide, including Canada, USA and Australia. The strategy has been to set specific targets for the reduction of salt in more than 80 categories of food, to be achieved in four years. After two years, meetings would be held with the industry to review progress and set targets for another 10-20% reduction to be achieved two years after the previous targets. This cycle was intended to continue until the target of 6 g/day of salt intake for the adult population was achieved. This policy was meant to be unobtrusive and had the advantage that reformulation could take place while the public continue to eat the same foods, not noticing the gradual fall in their salt intake. 

The strategy was initially overseen by the Food Standards Agency before transferring to the Department of Health and Social Care and then to Public Health England. Use the links on the left to view more information on the history of salt reduction in the UK.

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