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Action on Salt

Obesity: Treat and Prevent

In May 2020, Action on Sugar and Action on Salt delivered an evidence-based plan for the Prime Minister to provide support for those living with obesity, while improving health for all in the long term, in light of evidence which demonstrates that obesity is an independent risk factor for more severe illness and death from COVID-19.

Our recommendations:


  1. Provide guidance for identifying modifiable risk factors 
  2. Improve understanding of the many causes of obesity 
  3. Increase access and funding for bariatric surgery
  4. Increase access and funding for evidence-based weight loss support 


  1. Ensure only healthy products are advertised and promoted
  2. Adopt fiscal measures to promote healthy food (with income ringfenced to subsidise treatments)
  3. Make nutrition labelling mandatory 
  4. Ensure all food provided to key workers in their workplaces is healthy
  5. Improve nutritional profile of processed food and drink
  6. Set up a new, independent and transparent food watchdog

Click here to view our full plan: Obesity: Treat and Prevent [PDF 355KB]

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