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Action on Salt

Please click to view the full plan: Action on Sugar and Action on Salt Evidence-Based Plan [PDF 473KB]

Action on Sugar and Action on Salt have launched a combined updated seven-point evidence-based plan to prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cancer in the UK. 

Summary of seven evidenced-based actions

  1. Reduce calorie intake by incremental reformulation:
    1. To achieve a 50% reduction in sugar content across all products
    2. To achieve a 20% reduction in energy-density in unhealthy food and drink products (focused on saturated fat)
  2. Reduce salt intake by incremental reformulation to below 6g/day (adults), and less for children.
  3. Escalate the Soft Drinks Industry Levy and introduce a confectionary levy
    1. Sugar-sweetened drinks - the current threshold of 5g and 8g per 100ml should be slowly reduced and the amount of levy paid slowly escalated.
    2. Confectionery - a similar levy should be introduced for confectionery, with the opportunity to reformulate based not on sugar content, but on energy density.
  4. Ensure only healthy products (not high in fat, salt and sugar) to be marketed, promoted and advertised.

  5. Ensure all products sold and provided in the public sector, e.g. schools, hospitals, meet strict nutritional standards.

  6. Make uniform colour-coded labelling on front of pack mandatory on all products sold in retail and out-of-home, with stricter criteria for sugar.

  7. Ensure the food and drink industry increases fruit and vegetable content of products through reformulation, promotion and marketing.
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