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Action on Salt

Action on Salt Position: UK Salt Reduction Strategy

Please click to view our full position statement: Action on Salt Policy Position - UK Salt Reduction Strategy [PDF 462KB]

The once-successful UK salt reduction strategy has been adapted by many countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada and Australia. However, since 2013, industry progress has not been monitored, and UK population salt intake has not been measured since 2014.

Action on Salt recommend the following six evidence-based actions:

  1. Measure and publicly report industry progress against the 2017 salt reduction targets
  2. Set new, ambitious salt reduction targets for manufacturers and the out of home sector
  3. Measure salt intake through 24-hour urinary sodium measurements every two years
  4. Make front-of-pack colour coded labelling mandatory and implement warning labels on menus in the out of home sector
  5. Ensure only healthy products are marketed, promoted and advertised
  6. Develop and implement a public awareness campaign on salt
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