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Action on Salt

Charity Supporters

We'd like to thank the following charities for their support of Salt Awareness Week 2019:


PKD charity said: “We welcome 2019 Action on Salt awareness campaign. It can be particularly challenging for parents to restrict the salt intake of children out of home, especially when food labelling is not clear. This is crucial to the management of kidney disease and can sadly compromise the health of children affected by ADPKD (autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease) or ARPKD (autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease). Raising awareness of the dangers of salt along with the foods that present the greatest rick to the health therefore receives our strong support.”

Simon Williams, Heart UK, said: “Our bodies need a little bit of salt to stay healthy, but almost everyone eats far more than we need. Too much salt raises your blood pressure which, like high cholesterol, leads to heart attacks and strokes”

The Real Bread Campaign said: ““Real Bread is a great choice as it contributes a lot to a delicious and nutritious meal but very little salt. Keep it healthy by watching your topping or fillings and don’t go overboard with the saltier ones.”

Emma Elvin, Senior Clinical Advisor at Diabetes UK, said: “We support Action on Salt’s campaign for a reduction in salt eaten outside the home. Our own research clearly shows that people with diabetes, and the general public, want more information about the food they eat when they’re out and about, and, as part of our Food Upfront campaign, we are also calling on the Government and restaurants, cafes and takeaways to provide clear and accessible nutritional information so that customers can make informed choices.”

Tam Fry, National Obesity Forum, said: “It is crucial that the UK’s salt reduction programme gets back on track. The government has disgracefully allowed it to lapse in recent years and groups such as Action on Salt are needed to insist that, by Spring, Whitehall and the Department of Health have restored this to a meaningful health policy”

Food Active said: “Food Active is committed to tackling the growing obesity crisis and help to promote healthy weight at a local and national level. This includes ensuring healthy meals are provided to children, young people and families outside of the home.”

UK Health Forum said: “We know that salt levels in the foods we eat out of the home are too high, with children and young people particularly susceptible to the marketing and promotion of these foods. There should be no further delays in moving towards better labelling, marketing restrictions, and reformulation by the sector to reduce the levels of salt in their products. The UK Health Forum supports salt awareness week and measures to help children and families to make healthier choices when eating away from home.”

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