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Action on Salt

Industry Support

We'd like to thank our Salt Awareness Week industry supporters:

LoSalt says: “Launched in 1983, LoSalt established the reduced sodium salt sector within the UK retail landscape. In line with Action on Salt’s mission, it has always been of primary concern to the LoSalt family to educate the consumer on salt health therefore allowing the consumer to make the best choice for themselves. LoSalt offers the consumer a way to season with sense, having all the taste of salt but just one-third of the sodium”

Kiddyum says: “Action on Salt does a brilliant job in highlighting the harmful effects of a high salt diet and rallying for change. There is concrete evidence on the harmful effects of a high salt diet and the food industry needs to take more responsibility and act to reduce the salt content of meals on offer and to educate consumers and empower them to make more informed choices. Action on Salt are continually driving for change and we at Kiddyum fully support everything CASH is working towards. Kiddyum’s consumers are even more susceptible and we need to empower parents to make the right choices for their little ones by choosing low salt products and not adding salt to foods. We all have a responsibility to ensure the next generation works towards lowering illnesses associated with a high salt diet.”

Rory Larkin, CH&Co Nutritionist says: “Reducing salt for all of our customers is a daily focus and responsibility for our chefs. We not only train them to have a good basic knowledge of human nutrition, we also encourage them to adapt their recipes to routinely contain less salt, and work with our procurement team to prioritise lower salt products and ingredients, such as reduced-sodium soy sauce and baked beans.”

McCain says: “McCain Foods is pleased to support National Salt Awareness Week. As a responsible food manufacturer, we are committed to ensuring that our products can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We continue to invest in product innovation and reformulation, which has helped us to reduce salt in our product portfolio by 25% since 2001.”

Kay Shearing at The Children's Healthy Food Company says: “We support Salt Awareness Week. We started The Healthy Food Company as we were shocked that the leading brands were all falling very short of what children really need, and they were heavy in salt and sugar. When eating out, children were often given smaller portions of adult food – children are growing and their major organs are developing but adults have finished this part of their lives and so their requirements are totally different! The low salt content in our dishes make them ideal for renal patients and the small portion high nutrition also make the dishes good for care of the elderly.”

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