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Help Us Out

If you scan a product that is not already in our database, you can help us to add it by taking 3 photos through the app:

- One of the front of the packaging to show the name and brand of the product
- One of the nutrition information panel  
- One of the ingredients list

These pictures will then be automatically sent to us so that the item can be validated and added to the FoodSwitch UK database. Please note that with users sending in large numbers of products to the database every day, it may take some time for the product to appear in the app.



Top tips for taking photos with your smartphone

- Focus! Centre on the text
- Check that you can read the text; if it’s too small or blurry then we won’t be able to!
- Take pictures in natural light and avoid direct sunlight
- Is the flash on? Does this reflect on the packaging?
- Is the packaging reflective? If it’s shiny and/or crinkly it may need to be smoothed down

Having problems scanning the barcode?

- Shake your phone to force the camera to auto-focus
- Check the autofocus capability of your camera. Try tapping the screen at far and near objects and see if the focus changes
- Try using it in different light to avoid glare and shadows
- Try holding the product further away from the camera and make sure it doesn’t fill the whole screen so that the autofocus can find the barcode.

If you’re using a smartphone or tablet without a camera capable of autofocus, FoodSwitch UK may not be compatible with the device. Without autofocus, FoodSwitch UK will be unable to identify the barcode.

If you experience any technical difficulties you can contact the FoodSwitch UK team by emailing

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