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What can you do?

If you would like to get involved in our campaign, we would welcome your support, here are a few ideas:

Put pressure on the food industry - ask for Less Salt Please!

The supermarkets and the food industry claim that no-one ever told them they want foods with less salt and unless consumers demand it, they don't see a need to change. You can help by adding your voice. Why not write to your food suppliers and tell them about the very high salt and fat content of the processed foods that they make. 

Ask for less salt in your food

When eating out, you wouldn't expect a chef to put sugar in your tea or coffee. Ask your waiter/chef/serving staff to let you choose how much salt you'd prefer in your food when you order. If you have a really salty meal - complain to the management. If you have a really low salt meal - compliment them! Click here for advice on Salt and Eating Out Consumer Guide [PDF 888KB]

Talk to us!

Let us know if you have found a surprisingly salty product and we'll put it to the test. Email the Action on Salt team:

Good luck! Let us know what response you get.

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