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Salt Awareness Week

Each Year CASH organises Salt Awareness Week to help raise awareness about the damaging effect of too much salt. Salt Awareness Week has now been running for 11 years with each year having a difference theme.

During the week, CASH holds a lunch time reception at the House of Commons. This prestigious event is a chance for our message to be heard by MPs, food retailers, food manufacturers and other supporters and stakeholders. It also gives the food companies a chance to show how they have been reducing salt in their products.  

Also as part of the week hospitals, GP surgeries, health charities, schools, universities and the food industry run supporting events to help raise awareness in their local area. Last year there were over 500 supporting events up and down the country.

Salt Awareness Week 2012 'reducing salt; preventing stroke' 26th March - 1st April 2012

Salt Awareness Week 2012 will be focusing on stroke prevention due to the large amount of evidence linking salt, raised blood pressure and stroke risk. Click here to find out more

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