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Action on Salt are advocators of the salt reduction programme and have pledged to monitor the food industry's progress in reducing the salt content of their food to more acceptable levels. This is done primarily through our product surveys whereby we look at specific categories of foods e.g. bread, cheese or pizza and highlight any changes that need to be made.

We have also published a restaurant report, looking at commitment made by the out of home sector. This was published in 2013 as part of our Salt Awareness Week campaign. An updated report focusing on children's meals has been issued as part of our 2015 Salt Awareness week campaign.

We also encourage dialogue with industry, and regularly meet with companies to stay up to date with their commitments to salt reduction, and provide advice and help where possible. If you would like to tell us what your company is doing to reduce the salt in its meals, please get in touch.

To view the 2013 Restaurant Report: Assessing the Caterers Commitment to Salt Reduction, click here.

To view the 2015 update, with a focus on children's meals, click here [PDF 979KB]


CASH Publications regarding product reformulation or the Responsibility Deal:

Surveys of the salt content in UK bread: progress made and further reductions possible

Cross-sectional survey of salt content in cheese: a major contributor to salt intake in the UK

Food and the responsibility deal: how the salt reduction strategy was derailed

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