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A guide to making takeaway pizzas healthier

ALEHM launched a Healthier Eating Commitments (HEC) programme to get independent food businesses thinking about what is in the food they provide.  This involves reducing salt in their food and not offering salt as default to customers. Businesses who agree to reformulate their products will be entitled to a HEC award.

Following publication of the results from pizza research, ALEHM will be using a CASH leaflet which highlights how salt and fat can be reduced in pizzas at each stage of the pizza making process. They will also be offering advice and support in the following key areas:

  • Providing smaller portions
  • Encourage them to offer more choice to customers
  • Don’t add salt during food preparation, and only make salt available on request
  • Highlighting  healthier options, in particular lower fat and salt
  • Offer reduced cheese options, advice on how to use less cheese effectively
  • Work with the suppliers to source lower salt meats and cheeses

Helen Clark, the Association of London Environmental Health Managers (ALEHM)
“With the Director of Public Health coming back into local authorities, there is an ideal opportunity for more work to be done to improve health at a local level. Small independent outlets are enthusiastic about improving the food they sell and through the ALEHM and the Healthy Catering Commitment scheme we are able to support them to do so. We will be taking the pizza leaflet into food businesses on our visits and discussing with them how they can reduce the salt and fat content in their pizzas, and we will also encourage them to offer healthier choices and smaller portion sizes”

? [PDF 5,316KB]You can download our pizza leaflet here

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