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A guide for butchers to make sausages healthier

Trading Standards have recently launched the Better Butchers Bangers process to get independent butchers thinking about the salt content in their sausages and help them reduce salt if necessary. The process enables butchers to significantly reduce salt levels in their sausages without reducing the quality or flavour, and is even suitable for butchers using ready made seasonings.  Taste trials carried out by Norfolk butchers established that on average two thirds of customers preferred the ‘new’ sausages to the ones the butcher usually made, which is great news for butchers and customers alike.  As an added bonus there are also savings to be made on production costs.

Sausages are in the top 3 food categories that contribute lots of salt to the diet simply because they are so salty, the Food Standards Agency estimate that 88% households eat sausages regularly.

As a butcher, you can find useful information about the Scheme below.

Guidance notes on the Salt Aware Scheme and the Better Butchers Bangers process (paste method) [DOC 81KB]

Presentation on The Salt Aware Scheme and the Better Butchers Bangers process [PPT 190KB]

Butcher?s salt calculator instructions [DOC 1,065KB]

Butcher?s salt calculator [DOC 121KB]

Salt Aware Poster [PDF 746KB]

Salt Aware window sticker [PDF 746KB]Salt Aware window sticker [PDF 746KB]

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