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Action on Salt

Salt Awareness Week Media Coverage


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The Times: ‘Tinned tomato soup has more salt than a Big Mac and fries’, page 14
Daily Mail: ‘Salt levels in soup and ready meals are soaring – despite the warnings’, page 32
The Daily Telegraph: ‘The soups containing more salt than takeaway pizza’, page 9
The Independent: ‘Soft-touch regulation of food ‘to  blame for rising levels of salt’’, page 19
The Guardian: ‘Shopping bag staples still high in salt, study shows’, page 9
‘I’: ‘Salt levels on the rise as food firms fail to reduce’, page 11
Mirror: ‘Tinned soup as salty as a Maccy D’s’, page 9
The Sun: ‘Alarm at salt levels’, page 11


Express: How much SALT is in YOUR everyday food? Shocking new data reveals soaring levels
Healthy magazine: The truth about salt
Food Navigator: Voluntary reformulation fail? Salt content in British food on the rise
BBC Health News: How much salt is in your spaghetti bolognese ready meal?
Independent: Salt levels in everyday foods have soared in recent years, research reveals
The Scotsman: Major brands blamed for ‘shocking hike in food salt content’
Guardian - Soup, cheese and cereal among worst offenders on salt – study
Telegraph: Everyday foods at popular high street supermarkets contain 'shocking' levels of salt, study reveals
Mirror: Baxters tomato soup has more salt than a McDonald's Big Mac and fries, according to new study 
Evening Standard: Major brands behind 'shocking' rise in salt content of foods
Mail Online: Salt levels in soup and ready meals are soaring - despite the warnings linking it to thousands of deaths a year
The Times: Tinned tomato soup has more salt than a Big Mac and fries
BizTek Mojo: Popular Supermarket Soup, Ready Meals and Breakfast Cereals Found To Contain Unhealthy Salt Content
Food Ingredients First: UK "Essentials" Have Higher Salt Content Than Before, Finds Study 
Irish Independent: Tinned soup can have just as much salt as a Big Mac
Boots Web MD: Salt levels in supermarket foods 'going up'
Business Reporter: Report blames major brands for ‘shocking hike in food salt content’
Buzzfeed: Your Tomato Soup Might Contain More Salt Than A Big Mac And Fries
Healthizimo: Experts warn against ‘shocking’ levels of salt in everyday food
Mail Online: Report blames major brands for 'shocking hike in food salt content'
Boots WebMD: Hypertension/high blood pressure health centre
The Grocer: Higher salt levels in some own-label lines blasted by CASH
World Coffee Press: UK Coffee Shops Serving Salt Filled Sandwiches
Women's Health: 7 Healthy Foods with More Salt than A Packet of Crisps



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