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Learning about the harmful effects of a high salt diet is important if we are to see our daily intake fall. What better place to teach this than in schools? Giving young people the information they need about salt, practical advice on cooking without salt, as well as teaching them about how to shop healthily, is an important step to reducing cardiovascular disease and many other chronic illnesses later in life.

A lesson on salt will fit in anywhere where healthy eating or diet is taught, whether it be in PSHE, PE, Food Technology, Science or in an assembly.

We have put together a Powerpoint presentation that will take you and your class through the key facts about salt - what salt is; why it is harmful; what foods salt is found in and most importantly how you can reduce your intake.

There are also a number of follow up activities and worksheets which can also be used, depending on how much time you have.

Supporting notes for teachers [PDF 77KB]

KS2 Exercises [PDF 687KB]

KS2 Answers [PDF 779KB]

KS2 Presentation [PPT 10,654KB]

Certificate [PDF 80KB] 

Traffic light shopping card [PDF 83KB]

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