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7 December 2017


The Telegraph: 'Not so healthy: vegetarian sausages can contain more salt than half a pizza', page 11
The Times: 'Sausage salt warning', page 4
Daily Mail: 'Sausage sarnie 'saltier than double cheeseburger', page 27
The Sun: 'Banger out of order: High salt despite three weeks to hit health target', page 18
The Daily Mirror: 'Banger sarnie has 66% of daily salt limit', page 11
Daily Star: 'Bang out of order', page 15


The Express: High blood pressure warning: THESE sausages EXPOSED as having dangerously high salt levels
ITV: Health campaign group warns of 'shocking' levels of salt in branded sausages
Mail Online: Sausage sandwiches 'saltier than a double cheeseburger and chips': Manufacturers are accused of failing to cut unhealthy levels in products
The Sun: Bangers out of order: Sausages still have as much salt in as SIX YEARS ago - just weeks before 'deadline' to cut it
The Telegraph: Health warning over salt content in vegetarian sausages
Just-Food: CASH fingers sausages and calls for mandatory limits on salt in UK
Metro: Vegetarian sausages found to be just as unhealthy as meat sausages
The Guardian: Sausage sandwich has two-thirds of daily salt allowance, study finds
Metro: Health experts warn that sausages are much too salty
The Sunday Post: 'Shocking' levels of salt found in sausages
Food Ingredients 1st: Excessive amounts of salt found in popular branded UK sausages by salt reduction lobby group
Mail Online: How two 'healthy' vegetarian sausages can contain as much salt as a PIZZA (as brands with the unhealthiest bangers are revealed)
Boots WebMD: Salt target warning over popular sausages
Yahoo! News: Some of the UK's most popular sausages contain 'shocking' amounts of salt 
Mail Online: Warning over 'shocking' levels of salt found in sausages
Food Manufacturer: Some food still too salty, warns Public Health England after sausage study
Independent: Sausages contain 'shocking' amount of salt, public health survey finds
Huffington Post: Warning over 'shocking' levels of salt in sausages
Food Navigator: CASH backs potassium chloride as solution to 'excessively high' salt levels
Meat Trades Journal: Survey exposes high level of salt in sausages
Extra Crispy: Vegetarian sausages can have just as much unhealthy salt as meat sausages
Luxora Leader: How Quorn sausages contain as much salt as a PIZZA
New Food: Salt levels in British sausages haven't moved in six years
Munchies: Vegetarian sausages are as bad for you as meat, health group says



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