Supporters 2011

Each year CASH is fortunate to have support from a number of leading health charities and celebrities.

Confirmed supporters for Salt Awareness Week 2011 include:



  • Anne Diamond - Journalist and Health Campaigner
“Let’s make 2011 our healthiest year yet by eating less salt. We should all be more aware of what’s being put in our food by checking the labels and choosing the low salt options. This simple step can make a big improvement to our health. And, as well as that, we should put as much pressure as we can on the food industry to cut right back!”
  • Antony Worrall Thompson - Celebrity Chef
"I'm pleased that the effect of a high salt diet on men's health is being highlighted in Salt Awareness Week. I support this initiative and would urge the food industry to think about how much salt is added to our food"
  • Levi Roots - Celebrity Chef
"This year let’s all correct a fault and reduce our intake of salt; it's all about a healthier life style. One love"
  • Martin Dorey - Celebrity Chef
“I applaud the guys and girls at CASH for what they do during Salt Awareness Week 2011. I’m no nutritionist but I do believe that it’s important to know what’s going into the food you eat. Cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients means you are in control of your salt intake. And that also means that if you want to cut it out of your diet or simply want to reduce the amount you consume, then you can. It’s such a simple thing to do yet it can make a big difference.”
  • Gerald Roser - Chairman, Master Chefs of Great Britain
“I have always been a strong supporter and believer in using the minimum amount of salt in all my cooking and I believe that the industry needs to be urged to take a close look at the often excessive and harmful amounts of salt used in some of the cooking processes.  We at the Master Chefs have always been supportive of Salt Awareness Week and are happy to continue to do so”
  • Diana Moran - Fitness expert, journalist and model
"We should all be more salt aware by thinking about which foods contain hidden salt and making better choices to reduce our salt intake. This year's salt awareness week gives us a chance to look after the men in our lives as well as ourselves. Men eat more salt and are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than women. So the real way to a man’s heart? Cooking at home with low salt flavours such as herbs and spices!"
  • Peter Harden - Harden's Restaurant Guide
"I am delighted that the harmful effects of a high salt diet on men's health is being highlighted in Salt Awareness Week. Chef's today have huge media followings, but they are also often habitual salt addicts. I hope this campaign will help them realise the tremendous example they could set through their restaurants and TV exposure to improve health".
  • Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL - Celebrity chef and patron of Pan-Indian restaurant Café Spice Namasté.  
"I fully support the work of CASH in encouraging us all to eat less salt. If you’re looking to improve the flavour of your food, why not make use of all the wonderful flavours available? Since finding out about how bad too much salt can be for our health, I have been using less in my recipes and my restaurant. Try it for yourself."
  • Azmina Govindji - RD MBDA, Award-winning Dietitian and Media Nutritionist

“Let’s face it, we’ve grown accustomed to the taste of salt. If as a child you were exposed to salty foods, you are more likely to prefer similar foods in adult life. Many fast food outlets today sell foods that are particularly attractive to children and students; they are often cheap and salty, with some being high in harmful trans fats. Salt Awareness Week highlights these issues so we can create noise about where we need to make changes. Considering most of the UK population’s salt intake comes from food cooked outside the home, it is in these areas where the biggest change needs to take place. Additionally, South Asian men have a higher risk of stroke, so it is important to create awareness of the use of unmeasured amounts of salt in traditional cooking”




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