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Action on Salt

Food Flips Game

This card game helps children learn to read food labels and practice maths and reading in a light and fun way. 

The game consists of 30 different food and drink items and their (approximate) nutritional information per 100g. The nutritional information consists of energy (kcal), fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt to replicate that of the colour coded front of pack nutritional information (otherwise known as a traffic light label). 

Not only is this a great way to get children used to seeing and understanding the traffic light labels, the cards also have fun facts or tasks, such as looking in the food cupboard to find a tomato sauce with a lower sugar value than that of their card. This brings the game into the real world, looking at real product information.

Food Flips is suitable for children who can read and are able to understand or are learning maths to a decimal place, and the tasks allow children to move around (some tasks may require adult supervision so read cards in advance to pre-empt tasks).


Download the Food Flip game in colour [PDF 10,023KB]


If your kids are playing this at home, have a look at the cards beforehand to pre-empt any tasks. For example, on the omelette card the task is: ‘Next time you make an omelette, choose 3 different coloured vegetables to create a rainbow!’ So to tie in with the game, you could arrange an omelette for lunch with chopped up veg so they can create their rainbows!



A couple of the tasks mention looking in the kitchen cupboard for a tomato ketchup bottle, chocolate spread or to organise boxes of cereals in order of high to low sugar content. Rather than buying each product, you can capture the front of pack and nutritional information of each food / drink item from a retailers website, print out and laminate. You can then place these on a table that children can go to whenever it mentions ‘going to the cupboard’. It’s up to you whether you choose a product higher or lower in different nutrients. 



Don’t fret - we have a version of the food flips cards especially for you! These cards are ready to be coloured in by the children as an additional activity. 

When it comes to the traffic lights next to the numbers (Green / Amber / Red) you might have to step in and explain what classifies them as green, amber or red (see the traffic light label instruction card). If the children are too young for this stage of maths then you can pre colour this section for them. 

 Download the Food Flip game to colour in [PDF 2,541KB]

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