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Action on Salt


Welcome to Action on Sugar and Action on Salt’s podcast! Each episode will be hosted by a member of our team of nutrition and policy experts. We will have a variety of guests to explore current public health policy topics.

First Episode - Salt Awareness Week

To kick off our podcast series, Mhairi and Sonia discuss all things Salt Awareness Week.


Second Episode - Public Health England

In this week's episode Holly and Mhairi discuss Public Health England and its upcoming disbandment.

Third Episode - Seasonal Promotions

In this week's episode, Mhairi is joined by Dr Kawther Hashem, Campaign Lead for Action on Sugar, and they discuss price and location promotions of unhealthy food and drink.

Fourth Episode - Calorie Labelling

In this week's episode, Holly is joined by Katharine Jenner, Campaign Director for Action on Salt and Action on Sugar, and they discuss calorie labelling in cafes and restaurants (aka the out of home sector).

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