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Action on Salt

Salt Awareness Week

Salt Awareness Week 2020

‘Falta o sal’ – my mum’s go to comment whenever I cooked her a meal. ‘It needs more salt’ 

When I started working at Action on Salt, I became immediately aware how much salt I had unknowingly been eating, and the damage it would potentially do to my health. I say unknowingly, because, well, it’s just that. There were no visible side effects and as I was in my 20’s my blood pressure was ‘normal’. But the damage it can do to us is silent slowly but surely raising... read more here

Salt Awareness Week 2019

Written by our nutritionists, our latest blogs for Salt Awareness Week cover hidden salt, policy, salt reduction in the UK to date, and the role chefs can play. Thanks to Food ActiveNetwork Health Digest, Royal Society of Public Health and Sustainable Restaurant Association!

Please don't turn vegan food into junk food

It wasn’t long ago that, for many, going vegan seemed both limiting and difficult. While their carnivorous and vegetarian friends were spoiled for choice with supermarket shelves full of indulgent snacks and pre-prepared meals, plus no end of... read more


On salt, ethical veganism, and the challenges of finding healthy food

On a rainy evening in January 2014, I decided to watch a documentary that changed my life forever. The documentary was “Vegucated” and it explained, among other things, how animals are kept in factory farms and killed for their meat. Some of the images shown were... read more


Playing Hide and Seek with Salt this Salt Awareness Week 

Very few of us consider the effect a high salt diet has on our health, most likely because it doesn’t manifest in quite the same way as sugar or fat, whereby excess consumption is visibly and quickly seen through... read more 


The History of Salt Reduction in the UK  

The UK’s world-leading salt reduction programme began in the early 1990s when the Committee on Medical Aspects of Food & Nutrition Policy (COMA)(1) advised that the UK
population was eating too much salt and should gradually reduce from 9g to 6g/day.(2) Responsibility for salt reduction policy was given to... read more


Salt Awareness Week 2020 

Salt Awareness Week is our chance to capture the public, government and food industry’s attention and raise awareness of the damaging impact salt has on health. Last year, we drew attention to salt levels in children’s meals finding... read more


Less Salt, More Flavour! 

Next week sees the start of Salt Awareness Week, an annual campaign aimed at, you guessed it, raising awareness about our salt consumption and why we have a problem on our hands, or rather our hearts... read more


Salt Awareness Week 2019

Written by our nutritionists, our latest blogs for Salt Awareness Week cover salt and health, salt reduction, policies and the future of salt. Thanks to Food Active, Eating Better and the British Nutrition Foundation!

Salt - Past Present and Future 


Action on Salt celebrates our 20th Salt Awareness Week on 4th – 10th March 2019. Every year since 2000, we have used this event to raise awareness of the levels of salt in food, and the effect salt has on our health. Whilst we do need some sodium in our diets, of which salt is by far the biggest contributor, we are consuming too much... read more 


The salty truth behind processed meat and meat alternatives 

When we talk about processed meat, the automatic thought is ‘unhealthy’ as it’s usually associated with cheaper, greasier and fattier meats. However, processed meat can also be high in salt, an ingredient many have forgotten about... read more 


Be salt aware: it’s still an important issue! 

The ancient practice of adding salt to food was primarily done for preservation and safety purposes in times when access to good quality fresh produce was sparse, and over its habitual use, we have acquired a salty preference... read more 

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