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Action on Salt


Each year CASH is fortunate to have support from a number of leading health charities, health professionals, chefs and celebrities, highlighting the importance of following a low salt diet.

This year we are supported by:

Charity Supporters: 

Campaign for Better Hospital Food 
Katherine Button, from the Campaign for Better Hospital Food, says “Salt awareness week remains vital to the continued effort to reduce the amount of salt in our food. Nowhere is this more important than in our NHS where patients and staff need to be served and sold healthy, nutritionally balanced food. But with hospitals only being asked by Government to meet  Responsibility Deal salt targets on 50 per cent of the pre-prepared food they serve, the healthiness of hospital food continues to suffer. Without even realising it people are regularly eating way above the maximum recommended levels of salt. Salt awareness week will certainly help to sharpen focus on this unacceptable situation.”


Industry Supporters: 


Celebrity Supporters:


 Galton Blackiston, Morston Hall

"I support CASH in their salt reduction campaign and urge everyone to think about their own diets. By simply reducing the amount of salt you eat, you can make a big difference to your health."



Azmina Govindji, RD MBDA

"I applaud CASH for continuing to encourage people to reduce salt intake. We can all find creative ways to make small but significant reductions in the amount of salt we eat – whether it's comparing labels and choosing lower salt packaged foods, or avoiding salt at the table. Small changes can have lasting health benefits".




Fiona Hunter

"Salt Awareness Week is important because it helps people understand just how much salt some foods contain and that salt is often hidden in foods that we may believe are healthy.  Our liking for salt is a learnt response and, in the same way that we learn to like salt, we can teach our taste buds to enjoy foods with less salt and by reducing salt we can enjoy the true flavour of foods."  






Brian McDermott, The No Salt Chef

"Instead of adding salt, I use herbs and spices that complement, but don't overshadow the main dish. It's important that my food is healthy, doesn't contain any added salt, but all tastes fantastic!"



 Nick Nairn, Chef

"Salt Awareness Week is a great idea, which I fully support. We should all be aware of how much salt we eat to keep ourselves healthy. The simplest way to control how much salt you’re eating is to prepare and cook your own food, then you know exactly how much salt is in there. Cut down processed food and takeaways, and take control of what you eat. That’s my advice! I’d also urge all food producers to cut the amount of salt they use."




Cyrus Todiwala, OBE DL, Cafe Spice Namaste

"At Cafe Spice Namaste and all our other restaurants,  Pervin and I have made it our policy to ensure that as little salt as possible is used in our cooking, as we believe that many of today’s chronic diseases including high blood pressure can be traced to too much sodium in the diet. Taste and flavour can be generated by other, healthier sources and here we use spices to our advantage. As restaurateurs purveying food to the public, we have a responsibility to choose the best suppliers we can, including those who share our ethos. We hope that one day more people will start waking up to the need to reduce their salt intake."

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