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Action on Salt

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Talk to us

Throughout the week we will be communicating via our social media channels

Use the hashtag #SaltAwarenessWeek and #MoreFlavourLessSalt so that we can see your posts!

Have you reduced the amount of salt in your diet? Was it easy to do or did you find it challenging? Share your story with us - it might be featured on our website and we'll share these stories with manufacturers during our meetings with them.

This year the theme is 'More Flavour, Less Salt'. Help us celebrate home cooking - the meals that shape our cultures and societies, the meals we grew up with - by sharing your favourite no added salt, low in salt recipes! 

Get writing

  • Write to your MP and ask them what they are doing to reduce salt in food
  • Write to the Department of Health and Social Care to demand a strong salt reduction programme to benefit your health, and the health of the next generation
  • Write to your local health authority to ask how they are addressing levels of salt in food salt in your community
  • Write to your favourite restaurants and takeaways and ask them to provide lower salt options
  • Write to your favourite brands/retailers and ask them to reduce salt in their products
  • Give feedback! Write to any recipe box subscriptions you're signed up to or want to sign up to to ask for more lower salt options and clearer labelling

Get involved online

  • Run an online cooking session showcasing a tasty flavoursome recipe with no added salt that's low in salt.
  • Share low salt recipes to help convince people that LOW salt doesn't mean LOW flavour
  • Organise an online quiz on the effects that salt has on health and the simple ways to reduce salt intake
  • Share a blog/post on your website or social media account on the effects that salt has on health and the simple ways to reduce salt intake 
  • Sign up to our newsletter to stay involved with our campaign

Know Your Numbers

Eating too much salt puts us at risk of high bloog pressure. However many people do not know they have high blood pressure as it has no symptoms, so visit your GP and make sure you #KnowYourNumbers

Don't forget you can use home blood pressure monitoring! Blood Pressure UK has some get resources you can use

For more information on dealing with high blood pressure, please visit the Blood Pressure UK website

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