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Action on Salt

Salt and children 2003

CASH (Consensus Action on Salt and Health) made salt and children's diets the main campaign thrust for Salt Awareness Day 2003. Children were chosen as their diets are very high in salt and despite requiring less salt than adults, the type of food eaten by kids mean that their diet is as salty as adults. This has immediate health implications for children, such as possibly failing to achieve peak bone mass, as well as longer term health consequences such as high blood pressure and stroke.


  • To highlight the health consequences of the type of diet eaten by today's children
  • Demonstrate where this salt comes from in children's diets and offer suggestions on improving their diet
  • To encourage health promotion units, dieticians and other healthcare professionals to host their own events, to tie in with national salt awareness day, using the numerous resources that are being developed to promote healthier lower salt eating in children. Included in the resources is a recipe booklet which will was written by leading author Annabel Karmel on children's nutrition.
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