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Action on Salt

Salt and stroke 2012

This year's Salt Awareness Week was held at the end of March and focused on 'reducing salt;preventing stroke'. This is a really important topic because eating too much salt raises our blood pressure and this can triple our risk of having a stroke; the third biggest killer in the UK and the leading cause of severe adult disability. 

As part of the week we teamed up with 17 London Boroughs to look at the nutritional content of takeaway vs. supermarket pizzas, with shocking results. One takeaway pizza could contain more than 10grams of salt and contain up to 2.5 times more salt than the average supermarket pizza - click here for more information

The thirteenth annual Salt Awareness Week was a great success with more local events and supporters than ever before. Some key successes from the week include

  • More than 270 pieces of media coverage, including print, TV, radio, online and magazines was generated with an estimated reach of  35,342,149 impacts
  • 123 people attendees at the the House of Commons Parliamentary Reception
  • More than 600 local events took place around the country during the week
  • Support from 20 health organisations and 8 celebrities
  • Two scientific publications were published as part of the week one in Stroke and one in the The Nutrition Bulletin,
  • Successful twitter chat hosted using the hashtag #LessSalt, involving a number of like minded individuals discussing the future of salt reduction in the UK and worldwide
  • 29 countries took part around the world including Australia, Bangladesh, The Healthy Caribbean Coalition, the Pan American Health Organisation, Sweden and the Netherlands.
  • Poster translated into 12 languages including Turkish; Slovakian; Tongan; French; German; Chinese; Serbian; Portuguese; Italian; Spanish; Georgian; to great effect!

Full summary and evaluation is available to download here [PDF 1,436KB]

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